The Vision Factory


The Vision Factory is one of Pakistan’s leading production companies founded by Asim Raza in 1994. Under the leadership and direction of Asim Raza, The Vision Factory has produced a plethora of path breaking and memorable television commercials for top Multinational and local brands, revolutionary music videos like Sayyonee and Mahi Ve; award winning telefilm Behadd; and, under the banner of its sister concern company The Vision Factory Films, blockbuster feature films like Ho Mann Jahaan and Parey Hut Love.

The Vision Factory prides itself on the outstanding quality of work it produces. Every project is carefully handcrafted with keen attention to detail, from the idea to the final execution. Utilizing clever concepts, unparalleled visuals, mature direction, fine acting, and shrewd casting, The Vision Factory constantly strives to innovate and create new benchmarks in the industry.

The Vision Factory caters to multiple markets and clients with different budget ranges. For smaller markets and tighter budgets, the company has to offer a second tier of directors. These skillful directors have been trained and polished under the keen eye of Asim Raza and, under the banner of The Vision Factory, provide the same touch of brilliance and maintain the same standard of excellence that the company represents.

Over the years, The Vision Factory has been akin to an institution for a lot of upcoming talent and given Pakistan some of the finest Producers, Directors & actors who honed their skills and learnt the ropes of the business under the mentor-ship of Asim Raza.

Director, Producer, Visionary

Asim Raza is a prestigious name in Pakistani media industry. A visionary director known for his sensitive storytelling, and attention to detail. From television commercials to feature films, Asim’s soulful narratives are shot meticulously with a deep understanding of emotions and an unparalleled aesthetic sense, which has formed a strong emotional bond with his audience and contributed in the advancement of the Pakistani film and advertising industry.

Asim Raza, one of the most sought after directors of Pakistan, is an architect by education. He began his career as a filmmaker, more than 30 years ago. He has worked globally, with renowned artists, multinational & local brands.

Asim Raza has worked extensively in all visual mediums, including full length feature films, television plays, advertising films and music videos. His work has always inspired and created new benchmarks in the industry. In 1997, Asim started his career with the hit music video Sayyonee for popular music band, Junoon, which topped the charts of South Asia and Middle East, including Channel V and MTV, and bagged multiple award nominations. In 2004, Asim won the Lux Style Award as Best Music Video Director for Mahi Ve, sung by Faakhir. In 2013, he earned critical acclaim for his direction of the television film Behadd, which won the Hum Award for Best Television Film. He has also had the honor of directing the video for Pakistan’s National Anthem. The multi-faceted Asim Raza marked his feature film debut with critically acclaimed Ho Mann Jahaan in 2016, which was directed, written and co-produced by him. His creative versatility is also evident in the range of his popular film songs for which he penned the lyrics himself. His latest feature film venture in 2019 called Parey Hut Love was also a commercial blockbuster and ran successfully in cinemas for more than fifteen weeks.

One of the leading figures in the industry today, Asim Raza has been a teacher and a mentor to multiple successful actors, directors, producers, production designers, stylists, choreographers, and makeup artists, paving the way for countless newcomers to flourish and enrich the film and television industry of Pakistan.